The 9th RPOA-IUU Coordination Committee

Regional Plan of Action to Promote Responsible Fishing Practices including Combating IUU Fishing in the Southeast Asia Region (RPOA-IUU) were approved by eleven of the Country i.e: Australia,  Brunei Darussalam, Filipina, Indonesia, Kamboja, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Singapura, Thailand, Timor Leste, and Vietnam since of 4 May 2007, have arrange The 9th RPOA-IUU Coordination Committee Meeting on 22-24 November 2016 in Bangkok-Thailand.

Dr. Chumnarn Pongsri (Director of the Fisheries Foreign Affairs Division, Department of Fisheries, Thailand) as representative Goverment of Thailand, opening the meeting and convey the importance of cooperation RPOA-IUU in ensuring resource utilization a sustainable fishery and sustainable especially in the region, focus MCS Subrregional RPOA-IUU which include Gulf of Thailand, Southern and Eastern of South China Seas and Sulu-Sulawesi Seas and, Arafura-Timor Seas. Dr .Pongsri also emphasizes to an increase in illegal fishing activities and exploitation of excessive cause a decrease in fish stock, This can be overcome by increasing responsible fishing practice through regional cooperation in the region

The 9th RPOA-IUU Coordination Committee Meeting led by Australia and Indonesia.  Dr. Suseno Sukoyono, (Ministry Expert Staff of People and Relation Partnership-MMAF) as representative of Indonesia as the leader of the meeting, concerning on the important of enforcement in  Monitoring, Control, and Surveillance (MCS) component one of which is to encourage fisheries crime categorization as Transnational Organised Crimes that law enforcement can be implemented effectively in the area of the territorial sea and exclusive economic zones of each country participant RPOA-IUU.

While, Delegation of Indonesia led by Turman Hardianto Maha (Head Subdivision Surveillance Distribution Fishing Products, Directorate General of Marine & Fisheries Resources Surveillance), convey a progress report of the activities carried out and policies Indonesia to combat iuu fishing, that is sinking illegal fishing vessel, analisys and evaluation of 1.132 unit ex-asing fishing vessel, formation of the task force the eradication of fishing illegally (task force 115) , ratification port state measure agreement, including handling FV. Viking vessel that concern the serious and the vessel was the interpol fugitive.

On this occasion, Indonesia as the secretariat RPOA-IUU (Ministry Maritime Affairs and Fisheries cq. Directorat General Marine & Fisheries Resources Surveillance) initialize supporting three component RPOA-IUU implementation one of which is suggestion Re-calling Commitment through the joint statement as commitment participating countries rpoa-iuu in promoting the fishing responsible and combating iuu fishing, Scheduled to be signed by eleven of fisheries minister member country of rpoa-iuu in 2017.

The annual meeting of the senior official meeting 9th seemed, has discussed and review the development of the implementation ( work plan workplan ) RPOA-IUU 2015-2016, including identify isue contemporary area , agreed RPOA-IUU work plan in 2017. (TR/SW/

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