Following are the list of applicable legislation in RPOA-IUU participating Countries, Regional and International:

RPOA-IUU Participating Countries

[faq-toggle title=”Australia” color=”gray”]Fisheries Management Act 1991[/faq-toggle]
[faq-toggle title=”Brunei Darussalam” color=”gray”]Constitution of Brunei Darussalam, Fisheries Order 2009[/faq-toggle]
[faq-toggle title=”Cambodia” color=”gray”] Cambodia Law on Fisheries[/faq-toggle]
[faq-toggle title=”Indonesia” color=”gray”]

[faq-toggle title=”Malaysia” color=”gray”]Fisheries Act 1985[/faq-toggle]
[faq-toggle title=”Papua New Guinea” color=”gray”]Papua New Guinea Fisheries Act.[/faq-toggle]
[faq-toggle title=”Singapore” color=”gray”]Fisheries Act[/faq-toggle]
[faq-toggle title=”Thailand” color=”gray”]

[faq-toggle title=”Philippines” color=”gray”]Republic act No. 8550 – The Philippine Fisheries Code of 1998[/faq-toggle]
[faq-toggle title=”Timor Leste” color=”gray”]Decree No. 5/2004[/faq-toggle]
[faq-toggle title=”Viet Nam” color=”gray”]National assembly Of Socialist Republic of Vietnam Legislature XI, 4th session[/faq-toggle]

International Fisheries Instrument

United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (1982)

FAO Compliance Agreement (1993)

The United Nations Fish Stocks Agreement (1995)

FAO Port State Measures Agreement (2009)

FAO Model Scheme on Port State Measures to Combat IUU Fishing (2009)

FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries

International Plan of Action

IPOA – IUU (2001)

IPOA – Managing Capacity (1999)

IPOA – Seabirds (1999)

IPOA – Shark (1999)

Rome Declarations on IUU Fishing (2005)

FAO Guidelines