The 4th RPOA-IUU Coordination Committee

Major issues requiring consideration and/or decision in the 4th Coordination Committee Meeting including: possible development of a regional public awareness campaign for fishers about the seriousness of IUU fishing; taking forward the main findings of the RPOA report Net Returns on human capacity building, and coordinating arrangements for a workshop on implementing EC Regulation 1005/2008 in small scale fisheries.

A. Summary Report
B. Workplan
C. Presentation
1. Outlook
2. Secretariat Report
3. Sub Regional Gulf of Thailand Report
4. Sub Regional Southern of South China Sea and Sulu-Sulawesi Seas
5. Worldfish Overview
6. Coral Triangle Initiative-Coral reef, Fisheries and Food Security
7. Human and Institutional Capacity Development Framework (Net Returns) – The Next Step
8. Public Information Campaign
9. The Implementation of Port State Measures in Indonesian Fishing Port
10. Regional Fisheries Livelihood Programme
11. The EC IUU Fishing Regulations – an overview
12. Expert Consultation

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